Why the Natural Product Forum now is a blog

Some months ago I had the idea to establish an internet forum, or bulletin board, for natural product scientists. I had much fun setting up, designing and tweaking the board. I even made some advertisement for it, but in the end it turned out that few people registered, and even fewer (none, in fact 😉 ) started discussions or commented on the topics I had started.

Some weeks ago I wanted to add some further discussion threads, but I realized that they would also remain uncommented. And then I thought, well if I only post my thoughts in the forum, it is less a forum than an aggregation of posts from me – why not start doing this in the right way, and start a blog? And why focus on Natural Products only, as the forum had forced me to? In a blog, I am a little bit more flexible with what I want to say…

So here it is – I abandoned the forum, and now start to blog, where feedback from you, the reader, is not as neccessary. Which of course does not mean that your comments are not welcome – please comment below the posts whenever you want to ask or add something!

I have decided to retain the domain name naturalproductforum.org although this is not a true forum anymore – I got used to the identity as @NatProdForum on Twitter, and I think that also a blog is a kind of forum, because from the comments still discussions can evolve…

If you are interested in following my thoughts on this blog, just use the RSS functionality to get the blog posts delivered directly to your feed reader!

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