Natural product drug discovery from microalgae

Together with Mark Brönstrup from sanofi-aventis I have written a chapter on “Natural product drug discovery from microalgae” for the book “Microalgal Biotechnology: Integration and Economy“, edited by C. Posten and C. Walter, published by de Gruyter.

I know that this is behind the pay wall – I have signed the author contract before I became Aware of Open… If you want to have a copy of the chapter, just drop me a line. I would be happy about comments on the chapter from anyone interested in this topic.

Edit: What I have learned – Insist on imprimatur. Complicated story why, but the legend of figure 10.8 is wrong and should only read “Mechanism of toxin release from antibody-drug conjugates.”. I have written an email to the publisher and hope that this can be corrected at least in the pdf version of the chapter. After all, it is their mistake that the legend is flawed…

Edit 2: They will correct the figure caption for the pdf file. Thank you, de Gruyter.

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  1. All eukaryotic beings, single-celled or multi-cellular, harvest a diverse array of natural Anti-infective agents that, in addition to conventional antimicrobial peptides, also contain proteins and other molecules often not regarded as part of the innate defences.

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