New position / Blog hiatus is over (hopefully…)

Wow, is it really more than half a year since my last post? So much has happened in this time…

The reason for this long silence has been that I have been absolutely busy. I did really like my position as Head of Natural Product R&D at Cyano Biotech, but when I saw the open position for an Assistant Professor for antiinfective natural product research at the University of Tuebingen in May last year, I could not resist but applied for this position. Already in June I had the opportunity to present myself, and I had a lot of work preparing the presentation I gave and also preparing for the talks afterwards. Already in August I received word that the comission has chosen me for the position, and they wanted me to start as soon as possible – which in the end was November. In these few months I had to arrange everything at my old job, had to organize new equipment for the lab in Tuebingen, had to write a first grant application (deadline was even before I took up work at university…), had to find a place to live in, and so on. No time to blog…

Now I have settled down a bit (still have to write some additional grant applications with close deadlines, though…) and will resume blogging now and then, although there is still a lot of work – but I really do enjoy my new tasks.

My new position is part of the German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF), and from now on I will focus on antiinfective natural products. From my predecessors I have “inherited” a well equipped natural product chemistry lab, a nice actinomycete strain collection, and a library of about 400 natural products mainly isolated from actinomycetes. To this I will add my expertise with cyanobacteria and fungi, making it a nice mix of organisms to be studied. Let us see what we can do to battle multiresistant bacteria, evil viruses, and neglected infectous deseases… 😉

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