Natural Product Journals, Blogs and Tweeters

I have tried to compile a concise list of journals, blogs and tweeters covering natural product research (NPR). These are listed below in alphabetical order.

If you find some journal / blog / tweeter is missing but should be on the must-read-list of any natural product scientist, please comment below – I will then add your suggestion to this list, keeping it up to date.



The minimum criterion for inclusion of a journal in this list is that the journal has a meaningful website (e.g. including an archive, or having an RSS feed). Of course I am aware that there are also many other journals that publish NPR related papers (e.g. JACS, JOC, among others), but the journals included in this list should be focused on NPR.

First line: name of the journal
Second line: www link to the journal
Third line: RSS feed of the journal

Chemistry of Natural Compounds … rnal/10600 … export=rss

Economic Botany


International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products Open Access

Journal of Asian Natural Products Research

Journal of Chemical Ecology

Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Journal of Natural Medicine
RSS feed of the Journal of Natural Medicine

Marine Drugs Open Access

Molecules Open Access

Natural Product Research

Natural Products and Bioprospecting Open Access … rnal/13659

Natural Products Reports … nalCode=NP

Natural Toxins

Pharmaceutical Biology … c&feed=rss

Pharmacognosy Journal Open Access

Pharmacognosy Magazine Open Access

Pharmacognosy Research Open Access

Pharmacognosy Reviews Open Access

Phytochemical Analysis


Phytochemistry Letters … y-letters/

Phytochemistry Reviews … export=rss


Phytotherapy Research

Planta Medica … medica.xml

The Journal of Antibiotics

The Journal of Natural Products

Toxicon … e/00410101

Zeitschrift für Naturforschung



Inside Pharmacognosy

Natural Products Blog of the RSC

Natural Product Forum

Naturalproductman’s Blog










last updated Nov 26, 2012


4 thoughts on “Natural Product Journals, Blogs and Tweeters

  1. Hi there, I’ve noticed that the Journal of Dietary Supplements is not on your list. I also would like to point out that Natural Standard has a database dedicated to review of research of natural products, and also has a blog on their website.

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